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Price: 100.00 UAH


Watsons gift card 250 UAH
Price: 260.00 UAH

Original gifts in our online store gift certificates DarLink. Give your favorite choice. details...

Price: 300.00 UAH


"Master class in Russian billiard"
Price: 350.00 UAH

Internet-shop of gift certificates darlink.com.ua presents the gift “Master class of Russian billiard”. details...

Gift of a man "Shooting a crossbow"
Price: 460.00 UAH

If you are looking gift of a man, then this gift certificate to "shooting a crossbow" is exactly what you need. details...

Gifts men "Lesson riding on a motorcycle"
Price: 495.00 UAH

Gifts men "The lesson of riding" - a unique gift certificate that will give your recipient the opportunity to learn to manage the iron horse, and learn about safe driving techniques in a sports motorcycle. details...

Price: 500.00 UAH


Gift sertificate "Mirovaya Karta"
Price: 500.00 UAH

A gift certificate is an opportunity to dine at any of the restaurants of the Mirovaya karta chain in Kiev, Donetck, Zhitomir, Luhansk, Odessa, Sumy, valid for one year. details...

Gift card "Technopolis"
Price: 500.00 UAH

A gift certificate to a chain of stores equipment "Technopolis" is a great way to give excellent corporate gifts for any occasion in every region of Ukraine. Choose gift certificates technique will always be in fashion. details...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ...10