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Package proposal "Individalny set"
Price: 0.00 UAH

Package proposal "Individual set" - the ability to give truly personal gift that you will be able to collect himself. details...

Gift card with any face value suggested by you
Price: 50.00 UAH

Congratulate your relatives, colleagues or clients, show them that you appreciate the merits of your business partners, reward your staff for the excellent results of a gift certificate Eldorado. Gifts for men can be a nice addition to the holiday. details...

Gift card "Technopolis"
Price: 100.00 UAH

Gift Certificate Technopolis, face value of 100 UAH. - A great way to buy corporate gifts is not only unusual, but useful. details...

Gift for men "Desant"
Price: 200.00 UAH

Gift Certificate "landing" - a jump from a height of 36 meters from the tower ... Extreme gift to the man simply can not be more original. details...

A gift certificate to a night club "Disco radio hall" from 200 UAH
Price: 200.00 UAH

Gift Certificate DaruYou par from 200 UAH. (And to any desired denomination you) can be used in a disco club «Disco radio hall». Recipient of the gift certificate will be able to use its capacity to all possible drinks, fabulous cocktails and quite unexpected, as well as all the services provided by the club. details...

Price: 220.00 UAH


Gift of a man "Karting race"
Price: 240.00 UAH

If you are looking for gift of a man, then quench your thirst and replenish reserves speed adrenaline in your body, thanks to Gift Certificate "Karting race". details...

Gift certificate "Eldorado"
Price: 250.00 UAH

Not sure what to give? Eldorado Gift Certificate - the right answer! This gift will be an opportunity to give gifts to men with ease. details...

Gift card "Technopolis"
Price: 250.00 UAH

Gift Certificate "Technopolis" a great way to surprise your loved ones to make an original gift or corporate gifts memorable. Gifts Kiev. details...

Gifts man "Tour flight under the wing of an airplane"
Price: 255.00 UAH

Gifts beloved man? All we are asking this question on the eve of the holiday. So you want to give something masculine, something memorable and interesting. We offer you a certificate that will give the opportunity to visit a fascinating tour, listen to the history of aviation and sit at the controls of the aircraft in front of the dashboard. details...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ...15