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Package proposal "Individalny set"
Price: 0.00 UAH

Package proposal "Individual set" - the ability to give truly personal gift that you will be able to collect himself. details...

Package proposal "Master Class"
Price: 325.00 UAH

The original and unusual gifts for men and women - is a package proposal "Master Class". Now your loved ones will still schatslivee, because they themselves can choose what to do, yoga can, and it may take a master class scrapbooking or make a candle with your own hands? This gift will not gather dust on a shelf. details...

Gift for Women "Woman dreams"
Price: 333.00 UAH

Gift of a woman, you'll find in this packet proposal will give them a pleasant surprise. The choice of the participant offers an excellent lesson of yoga, mate-night, infrared sauna, anti-stress massage, body wrap "Milk and Honey", Garra Rufa fish piling, skating lessons, master class on sweets. details...

Gifts for men package "His dreams"
Price: 333.00 UAH

Gift to the man to be unusual and original. Package proposal "His dreams" is such a gift in this package is the choice of participants include: canoeing, go-karting, rock climbing lesson, a parachute jump from the tower, anti-stress massage, flying in a flight simulator MiG-21. details...

Package Proposal "Special Joy"
Price: 360.00 UAH

If you are looking for Birthday gifts and want to surprise your loved ones a huge selection, we offer you this package set. The participant can choose one of the following adventures: to learn how to canoe, go on climbing, get rid of stress, or visit the class in the yoga group, and much more. details...

Package offers "Bly"
Price: 365.00 UAH

This is a great gift for women and men. This is an opportunity to present what recipient wants. And chooses what the best thing. details...

Gifts "Happy workers"
Price: 400.00 UAH

This birthday gift will appreciate all the staff. A wonderful gift certificate, which gathered the mass of the amazing adventures on the choice of the party: party-mate, the lesson of yoga in a group, anti-stress massage, milk and honey body wrap, seaweed wrap, go-cart race, canoeing, skiing, glider, climbing lessons, rope trails, solar manicure, landing, master-class on ceramic floral, group teaching Parkour, a group lesson strip-dance, skating lessons, master class on sweets, group teaching kayaking, skating lessons, horse ride, fish Garra pilling Rufus, stained glass painting lesson, master class registration "Mosaic". details...

Package Proposal "Max Adventures"
Price: 450.00 UAH

That would present something unusual, you need to find something unusual. We offer a package proposal, from which the participant can choose interesueschee his proposals. In our set includes: fencing lesson, master class sommelier, adventure, canoeing, karting, rock climbing and much more. Gifts Kiev. details...

Package Proposal "After Work"
Price: 450.00 UAH

If you are looking for unique gifts and do not know exactly what the recipient might like. give him a whole set of adventures, of which he alone will be able to choose a gift. Party is invited: to ride on rollers, go to the restaurant at night mate, learn to ride a glider. details...

Package Proposal "Best Tandem"
Price: 480.00 UAH

Surprise the two people at once? Give them the opportunity to choose unusual gifts and they always will be satisfied. This set includes proposals, of which participants can choose the most favorite service. details...

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