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Corporate Gifts DarLink "Your Value"
Price: 0.00 UAH

If you are looking for corporate gifts that will suit each of your employees, then a gift certificate to an online store "Darlink", will be able to please everybody. details...

Package proposal "Individalny set"
Price: 0.00 UAH

Package proposal "Individual set" - the ability to give truly personal gift that you will be able to collect himself. details...

Gift Certificate "XXX"
Price: 0.00 UAH

A gift certificate to an online store women's jewelry and original things can be the chosen by you of any denomination. This certification is a great corporate gift for your colleagues. details...

Gift card with any face value suggested by you
Price: 50.00 UAH

Congratulate your relatives, colleagues or clients, show them that you appreciate the merits of your business partners, reward your staff for the excellent results of a gift certificate Eldorado. Gifts for men can be a nice addition to the holiday. details...

Gift Certificate online store "DarLink.com.ua" 100 UAH.
Price: 100.00 UAH

Unusual gifts - this is the eternal problem of companies, as well as to find a worthy and necessary gift for employees, it is very difficult. details...

Gift card "Technopolis"
Price: 100.00 UAH

Gift Certificate Technopolis, face value of 100 UAH. - A great way to buy corporate gifts is not only unusual, but useful. details...

Gift certificates to a beauty salon "Alessandro"
Price: 100.00 UAH

Gift certificates to a beauty salon - this is exactly what is needed for every holiday for every lady. SPA-service, massages, peels, wraps and much more - women conquer the heart of an original way. Gifts for women in e-shop DarLink. details...

Gift certificate «PinkyOwl»
Price: 125.00 UAH

To Redeem a girl would choose any product on an online store, order it and if its value exceeds the face value of the certificate - pay the difference if the value of the goods below the cost of the certificate - the difference is not refunded. The certificate is 6 months from date of purchase. details...

Gift Certificate "Horseback riding for children"
Price: 175.00 UAH

Horse riding for a kid - a great gift for kids and parents. By purchasing this gift certificate you present unforgettable emotions and impressions. details...

Gift Certificate "Horse riding"
Price: 199.00 UAH

Gift certificate for horse riding in the forest-park area, walking duration 1:00. Be sure to see our photos! details...

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