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Gift card "Day of SPA" Standard
Price: 1040.00 UAH

By making a gift to your friends, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues, you risk making them dependent on our cabin, but fortunately, this is one of the most pleasant dependencies in the world! details...

Gift Certificate "Sportmaster"
Price: 1050.00 UAH

Gift certificate Sportmaster is the most sports present. details...

Original gifts "Workshop on whiskey"
Price: 1080.00 UAH

If you are looking for unique gifts for the boss, brother or loved one you trust, then the gift certificate, "Workshop on whiskey," will be a good show. Certificate program includes a fascinating master-class whiskey, its history and ethics of the drink and tasting of the major species. details...

Gifts for men "Elegant holiday for the fisherman"
Price: 1080.00 UAH

Every man wants to relax. This gift is the right choice if you want to present a really positive emotions. details...

Gift certificate "Thai feast for two"
Price: 1080.00 UAH

You have the opportunity to choose the necessary and useful gifts with a gift certificate "Thai feast for two." details...

Gifts Kiev "Massage with Chocolate for Two "
Price: 1080.00 UAH

Chocolate massage for couples - is not only a holiday for two, but also a wonderful opportunity to experience a relaxing and restorative properties of chocolate. Gifts Kiev. details...

Gift certificate "Tattooing as a gift"
Price: 1080.00 UAH

Want to decorate your body beautiful tattoo? Or want to help others do the desired tattoo? Purchasing unique gifts in our online store gift certificates are easy to implement. details...

Gifts for extrim men "Winter Kiting"
Price: 1090.00 UAH

Everything you need - it snow, wind, space, and the kite. And you can turn a cold winter day into an unforgettable, adrenaline-soaked, childlike enthusiasm and the feeling of flying experience. Gifts for men will be pleasantly surprised of their respective owners. details...

Gifts for woman "SPA – Orange felicity"
Price: 1090.00 UAH

Gift Certificate "SPA-orange bliss"- is a great way to give your family a real pleasure. This procedure consists of depairing, exfoliation and aromatic massage. details...

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