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Gifts for child "Golf for children"
Price: 325.00 UAH

Internet-shop of gift certificates www.darlink.com.ua presents the gift certificate «Golf for children». details...

Package proposal "Master Class"
Price: 325.00 UAH

The original and unusual gifts for men and women - is a package proposal "Master Class". Now your loved ones will still schatslivee, because they themselves can choose what to do, yoga can, and it may take a master class scrapbooking or make a candle with your own hands? This gift will not gather dust on a shelf. details...

Gift card "For him" Standard
Price: 330.00 UAH

Gift Certificate "for a" Standard include: men's care for the hands, it is hygienic manicure and haircut. That is, If you are looking for gifts on February 14 for his beloved, give him a real caring for each other. details...

Gift for Women "Woman dreams"
Price: 333.00 UAH

Gift of a woman, you'll find in this packet proposal will give them a pleasant surprise. The choice of the participant offers an excellent lesson of yoga, mate-night, infrared sauna, anti-stress massage, body wrap "Milk and Honey", Garra Rufa fish piling, skating lessons, master class on sweets. details...

Gifts for men package "His dreams"
Price: 333.00 UAH

Gift to the man to be unusual and original. Package proposal "His dreams" is such a gift in this package is the choice of participants include: canoeing, go-karting, rock climbing lesson, a parachute jump from the tower, anti-stress massage, flying in a flight simulator MiG-21. details...

Fencing Lesson
Price: 345.00 UAH

How many times we have seen films about courageous and noble Musketeers, follow them and dreamed of a real fight on the foil, because fencing - most romantic and sophisticated combat sport details...

Price: 349.00 UAH


Price: 350.00 UAH


Gift sertificate "Mirovaya Karta"
Price: 350.00 UAH

A gift certificate is an opportunity to dine at any of the restaurants of the Mirovaya karta chain in Kiev, Donetck, Zhitomir, Luhansk, Odessa, Sumy, valid for one year. details...

Gifts Kiev "Riding in a canoe"
Price: 350.00 UAH

If you are looking for gifts to Kiev is ready to provide them, particularly water sports such as skiing, canoeing. details...

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