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Gifts for women "SPA-Resort"
Price: 300.00 UAH

Plenty of wonderful wraps for the most beautiful ladies. The choice of the participant proposed SPA-treatment: chocolate, honey and milk, sea or butter wrap. Gifts for women. details...

Gifts for Men "Flying in an ultralight aircraft"
Price: 1690.00 UAH

Gifts for men - is a special casting show. They are characterized by such canons as: versatility, practicality and originality. Namely, to give what would be really pleased you dear man, was close to his aspirations, desires and interests. Each man will not be truly happy to be able to fly on a private ultralight aircraft sitting next to the pilot. details...

Gift card "Eldorado"
Price: 1000.00 UAH

Give a present to your loved ones and your friends and clients, show that you appreciate and value the business your partners bring you, mark the successful work of your employees, with Eldorado Gift Certificate and they will remember your gift for a long time. details...

Gift Certificate "Horse riding"
Price: 199.00 UAH

Gift certificate for horse riding in the forest-park area, walking duration 1:00. Be sure to see our photos! details...

Gifts for women Certificate Brocard 200 UAH
Price: 200.00 UAH

If you are looking for corporate gifts for your favorite women, then certified by an elite network of shops of cosmetics and perfumery Ā«BrocardĀ», exactly what you need. And if you face the task to choose gifts for women - you definitely make the right choice. details...

Unique Gifts "SPA - Coffee and cream cocktail"
Price: 450.00 UAH

A good gift for girls - it's a gift certificate "SPA - Coffee and cream cocktail." The certificate contains a set of procedures, which consists of: peeling on coffee and cream-based, general massage, application of moisturizing milk. Unique Gifts to give positive emotions. details...

Package proposal "Individalny set"
Price: 0.00 UAH

Package proposal "Individual set" - the ability to give truly personal gift that you will be able to collect himself. details...

Price: 295.00 UAH


Gift of a man "Flight in an ultralight aircraft"
Price: 1590.00 UAH

An interesting gift of a man. This unforgettable pastime and recreation in nature. details...

Gift of a man "Big Five. The shooting of the five types of weapons"
Price: 1600.00 UAH

Looking for gift of a man, who will present new experiences and unforgettable feeling of extreme sports? Gift Certificate "Big Five" will be the most appropriate gift. details...


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Birthday gifts "SPA-East care"
Price: 600.00 UAH

SPA-East care - Turkish procedure for all women and girls or for a strong half of mankind. Giving such a certificate - you present an excellent service, express your concern and attention. details...

Gift of a woman "SPA-sweet hour"
Price: 500.00 UAH

Unearthly pleasure you can now donate. SPA-treatment very well affect the mental and physical condition. If you are looking for gift of a woman and want to please their loved ones give them the program, use it to your ability to show care and attention that is sure to be appreciated. details...

Gift "Ayurvedic body massage with herbs"
Price: 1440.00 UAH

Want to impress the ladies expensive, this will help you a gift certificate "Ayurvedic massage with herbs." This type of massage that aims to restore balance to the body. Ayurvedic massage is performed with a mixture of fragrant dried herbs, spices and various types of flour (oat, rice, etc.), duration 2:00. Believe me, this gift will delight every girl! details...

Gifts for women "SPA-Aroma"
Price: 400.00 UAH

SPA - the gifts for women and they are found in our online store, and bring real joy to their recipients. Full body massage based on essential oils will be a real pleasure, relaxation and a wonderful pastime. details...

Gift certificate "Extreme boat trip with friends"
Price: 1680.00 UAH

Extreme entertainment, unforgettable feelings - an original gift, as well as a great adventure. details...

Price: 100.00 UAH


SPA-tropical bliss
Price: 600.00 UAH

Give your loved ones this tropical bliss. SPA-program consists of: coconut exfoliation, body wraps, based on coconut milk, butter and white clay, the final total a half-hour massage. details...

Gifts for woman "Milk and honey"
Price: 300.00 UAH

Unforgettable experience of warmth and pleasure - that's what you need for each of the fairer sex. Only a woman can appreciate the true value of the gift. Honey and milk wrap is held in the steam on heated marble table. Choosing gifts for Women's Day for all women and girls, pay attention to this certificate, he gives to the recipient of warmth and pleasure. details...

Gift certificate "Sun-manicure + Sun-pedicure"
Price: 600.00 UAH

Excellent treatment for hands and feet - is not just a manicure, this is a real set of skin care and nail care with the use of natural-based lotion with a fruity-floral fragrance. Hurry to give happiness to your loved ones. details...

Gift Certificate "Ssecret smile"
Price: 350.00 UAH

Gift Certificate "with a secret smile" - tooth is inlaid semiprecious stone in a specialized dental clinic Byuti Dent, who is on Rusanovka. details...

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