Original gifts for birthday gifts Kiev!

How to become an original partner?

Our on-line shop invites companies, providing different goods and cervices to retail and corporate clients to become our partners.


You already have gift certificates!


Distribution of Your exciting gift certificates through our on-line shop would help to attract new customers and increase the loyalty level of existing ones. It would help You to open a totally new channel of sales for Your goods and services.


Information about your company will be placed on our web site with pictures and addresses of places to exercised gift certificates, as additional bonus promotion for partnering companies.


You do not have a gift certificate yet!


If Your Company does not have existing gift certificates, we will be happy to assist you in design and production of Your exclusive gift certificate. You would be able to use our shop and Your existing facilities for the distribution of gift certificates.

Project administration is responsible for all expenses, connected with delivering the certificates, distribution, stock control, and all sales expenses.

In addition to gift certificate distribution, we also offer the following partnership programs:


- Events: our on-line shop can offer sponsorship at different events (holidays, competitions, promoactions ext.) including on-line events, by providing gift certificates, as presents.


- Advertising: we are ready to place banners, leading to you web site and/or information about Your Company on our web pages.


If you are interested in any of the above mentioned options, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with our representative at sale@darlink.com.ua, to discuss in detail and get more information.