Original gifts for birthday gifts Kiev!


Few rules on how to choose the right fragrance

1. You should choose the fragrance in the morning and be in a good mood and well rested. Few rules on how to choose the right fragrance: 2. Do not try to do the impossible and test all the ones you liked. 3. You should consult the specialist. 4. Your nose will be able to handle not more than 3 fragrances, so do not attempt to try more.

For corporate clients

Who faces the need to make presents during New Year and Christmas time period the most? Of course these are business owners and companies.

How to choose a gift

Which gift to choose? Many of us are embarrassed to admit - they are not too excited about making presents. I.E everybody likes to give presents, but when it comes to choosing one – it’s a different story. Especially, having to spend hours after hours in the numerous stores shops, boutiques...