Куклы, изготовленные из фарфора, являются уникальными художественными произведениями, которые талантливые мастера создали с целью удовлетворения потребностей наиболее тонких струн человеческой души. Из этой статьи вы сможете узнать о том, какими бывают коллекционные фарфоровые куклы http://www.gallery-visconti.ru/catalog/kukly/ в настоящее время.

Важные моменты

Для начала следует заметить, что вышеупомянутые изделия разделяются на несколько категорий в зависимости от стоимости и ценности. Наиболее дорогими куклами являются авторские, которые изготовлены в ограниченном количестве полностью вручную. Их стоимость колеблется от 800 до 10000 евро. К этой же категории относятся винтажные куклы, сделанные более 50 лет назад, и антикварные, возраст которых перевалил за сотню.

Более доступными по цене являются изделия, выпускаемые знаменитыми торговыми марками с соблюдением вековых традиций. Их тиражи намного шире, чем кукол предыдущей категории, а стоимость варьируется от 100 до 1000 евро. В отдельную группу следует выделить оригинальные авторские игрушки в виде эльфов, троллей, фей, дам и джентльменов с головами животных, а также кукол в национальных костюмах, изготавливаемые в малых тиражах. Их можно приобрести примерно за сумму от 500 до 6000 евро.

Существуют также игрушки, при изготовлении которых были использованы готовые фарфоровые детали, но роспись, дизайн одежды и прически в них являются авторскими. Эти куклы обычно представлены в одном или двух экземплярах. Они выглядят не хуже продукции знаменитых торговых марок, но имеют приемлемую цену.

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Gift certificate – what is it?

Benefits of the Gift Certificate

Benefits of purchasing gift certificates in our shop

For corporate clients




Gift certificate – what is it?

  Gift certificate is prepurchased document, usually in a form of a plastic card, which gives the right to get products and cervices in the amount equal to the face value of the gift certificate.


Benefits of the Gift Certificate

  What is the benefit of the gift certificate, compared to the present that You personally can choose and purchase?


First of all choosing a gift for somebody You know well, and whose tastes and preferences are familiar to you, you still can get some details wrong. Of course your attention will be highly appreciated, yet the joy from the present itself might be undermined by little details, and the whole point behind making presents is to bring joy and happiness. Not to mention somebody You don’t know well – your work college, business partner, random person. The probability of mistake there increases by times. Giving a gift certificate, You can be 100% sure of making the right present, as with a gift certificate everybody can choose exactly what they need, and not a small wrong detail will kill the joy of the present.


Second of all a gift certificate helps You to increase the variety of presents, You can choose things like services: a day in the spa, horseback ridding lessons, diving, paragliding, ext. Though such a gift would not go on the shelf at home, yet it will give a wide variety of new feelings and emotions, which will be remembered for a long time after the event.


Another important fact to consider, is the actual size of the present – how likely are You to carry a microwave for the newly weds in your tuxedo pocket or a small evening bag? You can – if Your gift is in the form of a gift certificate. With a help of a gift certificate, You can bring the largest things in a nicely wrapped, elegant little box.


Last but not least important fact, choosing a gift certificate, you are not likely to exceed your planned budget for the present.


Benefits of purchasing gift certificates in our shop  

  Nowadays many companies sell their gift certificates at their retail points. Why not just go to the store and by a gift certificate there?

First of all, at our web site You get access to a wide range of goods and services. You can easily use different segments, based on what You need and who the gift certificate is for. Among products and services offered, You will not see unreliable names and low quality brands. As our partners are leaders in their industries and their brand names speak for themselves. You will be able to find gift certificates of companies, which do not offer them in retail outlets.


After You have chosen a gift certificate, You do not need to waste hours of Your time walking through stores and stand in a queue to wrap them. All You need to do is confirm your order over the phone or Internet and choose a suitable way of payment. The certificates are purchased at face value , price equals to the one you get at retail points .


Besides, at our shop we offer You a unique opportunity to create a personalized greeting card and choose the wrapping – and it is all included in the price of the gift certificate – You only pay for the gift certificate delivery!


For corporate clients

  With a help our shop You will be able to give useful and memorable presents to any amount of employees and business partners, located all over Ukraine . You have access to a wide range of gift certificates with a variety of face values and segments, for all levels of employees. Exclusive gift certificate packaging design, Your company logo on the box will make any gift certificate tailor made for your clients and employees.

Specially for corporate clients we are offering different ways of payments, depending on the types of business, along with a number of exclusive cervices. For example if you do not find “your” brand name among the offered ones, we will try to provide the gift certificate of the desired company, exclusively for you.


All these opportunities without a doubt should be of interest to any office manager, or HR specialist and anybody who ever had to choose presents for employees, business partners and clients, especially in the holiday times such as New Year, Christmas, 8th of March and Your Company Birthday.